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Erasmus+ Internships in London & Dublin

ADC organises Erasmus+ internships in London and Dublin, that provide students with useful work experience, make them grow personally, and help them practice their English skills.


Erasmus+ Internships in London & Dublin

ADC organises Erasmus+ internships in London and Dublin, that provide students with useful work experience, make them grow personally, and help them practice their English skills.

Take part in the Erasmus+ initiative Key Action 1

Let your students have the incredible experience of living and working abroad with the help of the EU funding initiative Erasmus + for internships

Erasmus+ internships are great for students 

Interning abroad is one of the most prestigious additions to your students’ CVs. Gaining international work experience will boost their career prospects by putting them ahead of the competition while giving them the unique opportunity to experience the cosmopolitan culture of a great European capital. 


  • Improved learning ability
  • Improved career prospects
  • Developed ability to take initiative and engage in entrepreneurial thinking
  • Developed self-reliance and self-confidence
  • Improved language skills
  • Strengthened intercultural awareness
  • Active participation in society
  • Extensive knowledge about the European system and European values
  • Increased motivation to take part in future programmes of formal and informal learning

Where can the internship take place? 

ADC College is based in London and Dublin and organises internship programmes that are funded through Erasmus+ in both of these cities. 


  • Minimum group size: 10 students 
  • Minimum age: 17 
  • Minimum level of English: B1-B2 
  • Openness and enthusiasm towards cultural diversity 
  • Taking part in the EU initiative Erasmus + through a vocational school/organisation 

Internship placement fields 

ADC College organises work placements in the following fields: 

  • Business Administration 
  • Retail 
  • Hospitality & Catering 
  • Health Care 
  • Social Care 
  • Information Technology (IT) 
  • Media 
  • Childcare & Education 
  • Beauty 
  • Hairdressing 

Internships Organised 2016/2017 By Industry

Number of internships organised by ADC in London in between July 2016 and June 2017. Total number: 2,214

How does ADC College select Internship companies? 

ADC has built an extensive network of partner companies, that have been checked for their suitability, health and safety, as well as the quality of the training they provide. When selecting a company, ADC takes extra care to look at students’ previous training, their experience and their level of English, which will determine the level of responsibility they can assume during their internship.  

Tasks during the internship placement 

Tasks in companies vary depending on how well students perform at work during the placement period and on the work that is available at that time. Students that can demonstrate to their supervisors that they are motivated, driven, and skilled will have the best chance to be given tasks that match their abilities and expectations.

Why choose ADC College? 

ADC College has been involved in the professional development of EU students, UK job seekers, and international academics since 2010. We have enabled so far 9,214 vocational students to do an internship abroad with the help of Erasmus+ funding of which 2,214 students chose ADC as their partner in 2017. In addition to the organisation of internships in companies, ADC College also organises English language lessons, communication training, and business English classes. These courses are accredited by the British Council, an independent quality management body, that has certified ADC’s excellent standards in teaching English. 

Quality of the programme 

The satisfaction rate of our programme is 96% (feedback review in 2016) and ADC is 5-star-rated on Google and Facebook. Projects organised by ADC College have achieved high marks awarded by National Agencies in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Sweden, and Romania. Having delivered thousands of quality placements since 2010, ADC College is a proven specialist in matching students to suitable companies and mentoring them to make their stay a success. We collect extensive feedback at the beginning, during, and at the end of each project and review the overall delivery of our services several times per year based on input we receive from our partner schools. 

Personal contact 

Dedicated Country Managers look after the entire project delivery abroad, and support school coordinators with the required project documentation. We want you to be comfortable with your project, so ADC’s coordinators speak more than 10 languages between each other to ensure that we understand exactly what you need. 

What is included in the internship programme? 

  • Half-day induction seminar 
  • Internship organisation 
  • Business English lessons in first week (if required) 
  • One-to-one mentoring session with each student 
  • Arrangement of monitoring visits for visiting teachers (if required) 
  • ADC College Certificate  
  • Homestay accommodation (host families) including half board 
  • Travel plans from ADC College to student placement including detailed descriptions and pictures that help orientation 
  • Airport transfer 
  • 24h emergency line 
  • Travel and liability insurance 
  • Personal contact person at ADC responsible for your project 


We collect feedback from all our students and their group leaders because we always want to get better at what we do. Have a look at our 5-star rating on Google and Facebook!

The best two weeks of my life. I really enjoyed it.
— Dominika, Student, Slovakia
Unforgettable experience and nice people
— Hristo, Student, Norway
I feel grateful for this experience and I’m proud to say I managed it well.
— Alexandra, Student, Austria
London is amazing. And so was my work placement.
— Ramona, Student, Germany
I could not have wished for a better supervisor
— Stepan, Student, Czech Republic
My supervisor was nice.
I learnt a lot.
— Nikolay, Student, Bulgaria

Let us know you are interested!

ADC organises programmes at competitive prices without compromising on quality. The costs of a student programme depend on the length of stay, accommodation options, transport arrangements, and other services you might want to include. Please contact ADC via the form below for a personalised quote. 

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Project Managers

Project Managers

Anna Rogge.jpg


Country Manager for Germany & Austria

Anna is half German and half Scottish. She grew up in a village in the very south of Germany. She absolutely loves the alps with all the alpine sports like paragliding, skiing and hill walking. She was educated as an Occupational Therapist and has also worked as an au-pair in Oxford.

Anna has lived in London before and loves it because the city mirrors her open minded and international spirit. Not only is Anna absolutely lovely, she is also adventurous and always up for a laugh.

  • Anna’s advice for coordinators: Come on over and experience London yourself.
  • Anna’s advice to students:  Let go of your expectations. Enjoy the challenge.
  • Anna’s London recommendation: Experience the London Rivers and Canals on a narrowboat, I used to live on one and they are so charming!


Country Manager for Poland

Bart, as the British call him, came to the UK over 10 years ago to visit his sister. He fell in love with the metropolitan spirit and never went home! Bart’s home city is Kielce, and occasionally he feels nostalgic about excursions to the beautiful Świętokrzyski National Park. Fortunately, most of his family and friends are already in the UK, so he is very happy here. In Bart’s free time he loves exploring new places and new experiences, which London has a never-ending supply of. Students and teachers certainly appreciate his willingness to tackle any problem, no matter how big or small.

  • Bart’s advice for coordinators:  We have a Polish saying “Where one door closes, a window opens” - Don’t worry, every problem has a solution.
  • Bart’s advice to students:  There is another Polish saying which is also useful: “The world belongs to the brave” – so don’t be afraid!
  • Bart’s London recommendation: Take the Emirates Air Line to Greenwich. It’s an unforgettable experience!


Country Manager for Austria

Daniela comes from a small picturesque village called Bad Ischl in Austria. She is very close to her family and if she was to mention anything she misses, it would be the wonderful sense of community they have back home. Today, Daniela lives happily in North London with her boyfriend and two kittens. As a person Daniela is a great communicator and a friendly colleague, she combines this with being exceptionally organised and a master of excel spreadsheets. If you have a question about either personal development or ADC procedures – Daniela is the person to ask!

  • Daniela’s advice for coordinators: Find a reliable project partner with native speakers in the destination country who are willing to answer as many questions as you may have. It will help you and your students to be well prepared and put parents at ease knowing there is always someone who can actively support their children while abroad.
  • Daniela’s advice to students: Research into London areas and the workplace can eliminate unnecessary worries and save time when exploring London. Look forward to it with all your enthusiasm and use as much of your existing language, people and vocational skills as possible without worrying about making mistakes. We all have to start somewhere. 
  • Daniela’s London recommendation: That's Amore is my absolute favourite restaurant for perfectly cooked Italian food. I usually go to the one in Temple Fortune (near Golders Green).


Senior Country Manager for Germany

This is actually the second time Lena has lived in the UK, having been a student in Brighton some years ago. Lena lives in vibrant Bethnal Green where she delights in laid-back afternoons in the park, late night music gigs or just simply strolls around the many London markets on a weekend. Everyone in the office is a fan of Lena’s music as she is a brilliant singer and songwriter!

Lena is not only a very friendly and warm-hearted person, but she is also extremely well-organised, as she deals with the largest region and organises projects for more than 50 German schools.

  • Lena’s advice for coordinators: Prepare your students for the cultural differences they will experience during their London project - differences in all respects, from working to communicating, living and eating - and tell them to embrace these differences without judging. Apart from that, make sure you also allow yourself enough time to explore and enjoy London during your stay!
  • Lena’s advice to students: Be as unprejudiced and open-minded as you can. Enjoy the many new and different experiences you will gain here!
  • Lena’s London recommendation: I’m a big fan of the London parks, for example Holland Park or Regent’s Park, but most of all Victoria Park, which is my absolute favourite.


Country Manager for the Czech Republic & Slovakia

Maya was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic, and often misses the magnificent view of Prague Castle at night. After spending many years backpacking around the globe Maya has finally settled down in London. She loves the city because, as they say “if you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere”. As you might have already guessed, she is a very ambitious and social person. Her smile and positive and bubbly personality certainly light up the Country Managers' office during the dark winter months.

  • Maya’s advice for coordinators: Don’t be afraid to participate in the project, we are here to help you throughout the whole process!
  • Maya’s advice to students: Get the most out of it, you have been given an amazing opportunity to gain work experience in one of the most desirable cities in the world, so try to learn as much as possible from the people around you and show your positive attitude, because that’s something that people will appreciate about you here.
  • Maya’s London recommendation: Discover the parks in London – there are some places with breath-taking views of London where you can relax having a picnic with your friends, among the most beautiful parks are definitely Hampstead Heath or Alexandra Palace park. For food lovers – you should definitely visit one of the food markets in East London where you can experience the real local lifestyle and also try some of the most amazing street food.


Country Manager for the Netherlands & Belgium

Monique is an Utrecht girl, and like most Dutch people, she loves cycling. In fact, she is so passionate about it, that she regularly organises cycling excursions for visitors here in London. Monique, her husband and two children came to London in 2013, for the adventure of living abroad. Monique cherishes the city for its clean playgrounds and parks, but she is also no stranger to a night at the local pub, proper British style. Monique is the kind of person who seems to be in a constant good mood, finding something to laugh about in any situation, even in adversity.

  • Advice for coordinators: Come to London to visit ADC yourself – this way you learn about the process and get to experience what it will feel like for your students.
  • Monique’s advice to students: Be proactive, be open to the experience of working and living abroad and find a few places that you prioritize and spend time there - living the real London life.
  • Monique’s London recommendation: Do a cycling tour!


Country Manager for Bulgaria & Teacher Development Coordinator

Veni comes from the gorgeous Black Sea coast in Bulgaria where she loves the cold breeze and scenery. In London, Veni gets a little bit of nature in Wandsworth Park, situated along the South bank of River Thames, which is actually quite lovely. In addition, she has access to the vibrant and unique London environment and the endless variety of events that the capital provides. We all admire Veni when she tells us about her gruelling gym classes or exciting culinary exploration in the big city. She truly believes that the ‘sky’s the limit’. As a colleague Veni is meticulous and hardworking and has remarkable patience with both colleagues and students.

  • Veni’s advice for coordinators: Tell your students about London. It is a diverse and multi-ethnic city with a lot to offer!
  • Veni’s advice to students: ‘Veni Vidi Vici’! An amazing, unique opportunity for them to ‘taste’ the versatile environment in London both living & working.
  • Veni’s London recommendation: I love the freshly baked baguettes and organic coffee at Le Pain Quotidien. I am a coffee lover and can also recommend the coffee at Harris + Hoole!