Homestay Accommodation

Who is it for?

Students taking part in ADC's internship programme. 

Homestays We Work With

Our hosts are wonderfully diverse and have a wide range of cultural heritages, as can be expected in an international metropolis such as London. While we refer to them as ‘homestay providers’, you could live with an older couple, a large family or a single person. What matters to us is that all our hosts respect and live by the standards that are set by the British Council, an independent accreditation body that sets the rules for quality homestay providers.


Most of our hosts live within 30 minutes’ travel of ADC in north-west London, within zones 5-6, and you can reach them by public transport. Depending on your allergies, medical requirements, sharing requests and work place during your internship period, the location might be further away from ADC College.


The majority of our rooms are twin rooms, which means that two students share one room. Each student will have his/her own bed; bunk beds are not allowed. There will also be storage for clothes and other personal items, e.g. a chest of drawers or a wardrobe. Rooms in London are often found to be significantly smaller than in central Europe, which is due to the high cost of land and living space.

Most bathrooms in homestay homes are shared with other members of the family or other hosted students. Your host will agree with you if you need to take into consideration the schedules of others within the household when using the bathroom.


Your host will provide you with bed linen for the period of your stay.

Bed Linen

Your host will provide you with clean towels. If you would like to have your towel changed, you can ask your host to receive a fresh towel once per week.



You will be given the chance to wash your clothes once per week. Depending on your hosts preference, you will either be given access to the washing machine, or your host will do the washing for you.


Depending on your booking, you will be provided with either breakfast and dinner (half board) or breakfast, packed lunch and dinner (full board). Breakfasts will often consist of cereals or toasted bread/rolls with condiments and either tea or coffee. Dinners are warm and might be home cooked or ready-meals. Meals will be provided at set times by your host, so please make sure that you are home on time. You can ask them to store snacks or simple food in a designated place in the kitchen but we ask you not to cook full meals. Please note that some hosts may restrict the storage of certain items (such as pork or alcoholic drinks) due to religious or other beliefs. 


Most hosts will have WIFI available for students. If your family does not have Internet access, you can use the Internet in ADC’s building during opening hours.


Your host will agree with you by what time you are expected to return home. Please note that regardless of your age, most hosts will expect you to be home by 22:00 during weekdays, and 00:00 on weekends. 

Most hosts do not accept that you smoke in the house. We ask all smokers to be respectful towards non-smoking families.


As you will only stay for a few weeks (at most) with your host, you might not have keys to your home for this period. In this case, please ask your host when he/she will be home so that he/she can open the door for you.




Arrival is on Sunday. Departure is on Saturday.


If you arrive as part of a closed group, your host will collect you on your arrival day from the ADC car park and drop you off to the ADC car park on your departure day. Make sure that you can lift and carry your own luggage, as we ask hosts to avoid carrying any bags to avoid injury.

If you arrive on your own (not part of a group), your hosts will meet you at their home and you should make arrangements for your transfer from the airport.


If you would like to share your room with a classmate, you can let us know on your registration form. We will take this into consideration, unless you or your friend have allergies, conditions, or food preferences that cannot be catered for by the same homestay provider.

Living with your friends



All our hosts will try to make you feel welcome and safe. We ask our hosts to treat you as a member of the family, which means that you have the unique opportunity to take part in local customs but it also means that you are required to participate in the chores of the house, e.g. cleaning your own plates or making sure that your room is tidy. Some hosts may try to engage you in conversation so that you can practice your English, others may have a busier lifestyle so that you will have more time for yourself to discover London or meet your friends.