Last updated: April 2018-AS


Bank details: You must provide us with valid bank details. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes.

Deductions: ADC reserves the right to deduct reasonable amounts from any payments made to you if you do not/cannot fulfil the obligations of this agreement.

Payment: We will pay you within one week after the students’ departure by bank transfer. If you do not receive your payment within one week, please contact us. We are unable to process payments earlier.

Rate changes: ADC regularly reviews rates and may lower or increase rates. Any rate change will be communicated to you by email before we book students with you.

Rates: ADC’s rate is stated per night per person and covers the room, meal and care provision as outlined in these terms and conditions. It also covers an allowance for special requests from students, e.g. relating to dietary restrictions.

Taxes: The income you receive from hosting students may be exempt from tax under rent a room relief, if the relevant criteria are met. You are responsible for any tax or reporting obligations arising from your income. Fur further information see

Booking your rooms

Availability of your room(s): We will ask you regularly when you are available to host students. We will either send you an email or give you a call. Responding to those requests quickly helps us plan and shows us that you are a favourable partner.

Bookings: Once students are allocated to you, you will receive a booking confirmation by email including student details and the amount we will pay you.

Preferences: You can tell us your preferences for student age, gender, smoking or dietary requirements. Please note that the more requirements you have, the less likely we will be to book students with you regularly.

Required services

Arrival and welcome of students: On arrival day, students will be dropped off at your home address. We will let you know when you can expect your students and you must make arrangements to welcome them when they arrive.

Bathroom: The bathroom door must have a lock to ensure privacy.

Bed types: Students must have their own single or double bed (bunk beds are not allowed). Rooms must be large enough to allow ample walking space.

Bedding: Beds must be prepared before arrival. Bedding must be clean, in good condition and be changed, on request, once per week.

Cleaning: The room students will stay in and common areas in your home should be clean when your students arrive. While students stay with you, you will arrange for the student's room and bathroom to be cleaned once per week and keep the rest of the house reasonably tidy.

Curfew: We advise students to be home by 22:30 during the week and by midnight on weekends. You may agree alternative later curfew times with students, but you cannot ask students to be home earlier unless this is mutually agreed. If parents of under 18s tell ADC that they would like their students to be home earlier, please your students to adhere to this.

Damage: You must insure your home against any damage resulting from hosting students. It is your responsibility to notify your insurance that you will host students, and this may impact your insurance premium. No claims resulting from damages, accidents or incidents to participants can be made against ADC College.

Furniture and fittings: Furniture must be kept in reasonable condition. Broken furniture and fittings (e.g. chairs or shower heads) must be replaced before students arrive.

Hand soap: You will provide hand soap. Students will bring their own shower gel, shampoo and other toiletries.

House rules: Please explain your house rules to students on their arrival day. It is good practice to provide your house rules in writing for future reference.

Illness: When students are ill, they must be able to stay at home to recover. You cannot ask a sick student to leave your home even if you are absent. You do not have to accompany students to the doctor but please provide them with information on how to arrange an appointment with your nearest walk-in centre.

Keys: You can either agree reasonable times during which students can access their rooms or provide them with keys.

Maximum students per home: The maximum number of students that can stay with you at the same time is 4 unless specifically agreed otherwise with ADC in writing. You must tell us if you host students from other organisations.

Maximum students per room: The maximum number of students sharing one room is 2 unless specifically agreed otherwise with ADC in writing.

Mixing gender: Students sharing one room must be of the same gender unless this is agreed otherwise with ADC in advance. Students of different gender can share a home or bathroom if suitable privacy measures are in place.

Storage: Students must be given a place to store their belongings. Rooms must either: (1) contain one chest of drawers per student OR (2) contain a wardrobe for the sole use of students sharing the room OR (3) be in proximity to a wardrobe or chest of drawers which can be used by students, e.g. in the corridor next to the room entrance.

Study table: On request, students must be given flexible access to a study table to work on their class or project assignments. The table can be in their room or elsewhere in the house (e.g. dining table) and its environment must be free from distraction.

Towels: You will provide clean towels to students once per week.

Travel guidance: You must explain to your students how they can travel to their assigned meeting point in Dublin on their first programme day to attend their induction.


Board types: Students will be provided with breakfast and a home-cooked meal in the evening, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

Breakfast: Breakfast should be comparable to the following: rolls or toast, cereal, butter and jam or cold meats or cheese, juice or warm drinks such as coffee or tea.

Dietary requirements: Students may have special dietary requirements and ADC will inform you of those requirements in advance (e.g. gluten-free or lactose intolerance). Extra costs resulting from catering for dietary needs are not reimbursed because ADC’s rates already include an allowance for special requirements.

Dinner: Dinner should be a home-cooked meal. It is good practice to ask students what they enjoy eating and adjust your meal plan if reasonable requests are made.

Quality, quantity & variety of meals: Meals given to students must be of the same quality than your own and be reasonably varied. Meals must be provided in reasonable quantity – this may vary between students.

Safety & Quality Management

Agreement review: ADC reserves the right to regularly review this agreement. If there are any changes, we will send you the updated terms of this agreement by email or post. You are entitled to terminate your cooperation with ADC if you do not agree with the new terms.

Boiler check: If you have a boiler, you must confirm to ADC that your boiler is safe to be used and that you keep it well-maintained. We reserve the right to request confirmation from a qualified maintenance professional.

Conflict with students: If you disagree with the actions of a student or have other reasons for conflict, please contact ADC. We will try to help and support you solving those problems. If a conflict cannot be resolved and you wish to cancel a current booking, please give us at least 2 days’ notice (Monday to Friday) to arrange alternative accommodation.

Criminal record check: ADC requires their hosts to be Garda-vetted.

Duty of care: As a host, you have a duty of care for the safety of students staying with you. You should take care of your student like a parent. Please take into consideration that students from abroad may be more vulnerable than home students of the same age.

Feedback from students: ADC regularly reviews student feedback. We analyse this feedback future placements with you may depend on this. This means that the happier past students were in your home the more likely you are to have students booked with you again. You can request to receive anonymised feedback from ADC.

Feedback from you: ADC appreciates your feedback about past students. Please email us your thoughts!

Fire risk assessment: You are responsible to take reasonable steps to protect the people living in your home from the risk of fire. You must carry out a fire risk assessment (ADC will provide a template) and improve safety measures if necessary. You must regularly review your fire safety measures.

Other considerations: When assessing your services, ADC also considers how quickly you respond to enquiries, your cooperativeness, and if you comply with all obligations set out in this agreement.

Revisit: ADC will visit your home at least every two years to make sure we have up-to-date information about your home. If you make any substantive changes to your home (e.g. extension or other building works in the house) we may ask you to visit your home earlier than after the two-year period.

Spot checks: ADC reserves the right to request a same-day spot check of your home. Spot checks are carried out by an ADC representative. You will be given at least two hours’ notice and the check will be conducted during a time when you are expected to be home. Spot checks can be random or based on student concerns.

Data protection

Accessing your information: Under data protection law, you have the right to request a copy of the information ADC holds about you. Please contact ADC by email to request such information. We will get back to you within 4 weeks.

Sharing your information: We will need to share your contact information and details about your home and family with students we have booked to stay with you. ADC does this via the relevant partner school, where the students are in attendance. We also need to provide your address and phone details to the airport transfer companies that will collect our students so that they can reach you on arrival/departure day. We inform our partners that your information is confidential and that it cannot be shared for any other purpose than the agreed student booking.