Frequently Asked Questions About Dress Codes

This is our interactive FAQ page on dress codes only. So every time you pose a dress code related question to your country manager that hasn't been listed yet, we will add it to the below list after informing you.

What does Casual, Smart and Smart-Casual even mean?

Please refer to our Dress Codes explained article for more detailed explanations.

Can I wear my "nice jeans" to work?

If your dress code is "smart" then the simple answer is No. If it is "smart-casual" or less, go for it. 

Can I wear my "nice black jeans" to work?

If your dress code is "smart" then the simple answer is No. If it is "smart-casual" or less, go for it. 

Why do I need boots in my IT or Catering Work Placement?

If boots are requested this is usually a necessity of health and safety regulations. These are particularly strict in the UK/IRE and companies can occur hefty fines if their employees, that includes interns, are caught without safe shoes like boots for example.

I don't have a suit or a white shirt. Can I wear a nice T-shirt or top instead?

If a suit is specified, please do wear a suit. If you don't have one it's okay to borrow it from a friend or you can get cheap but nice looking ones at places like H&M or Primark. The same goes for specifically requested white shirts.

Can I wear my trainers to work?

If they are very sporty only if your dress code says casual. For smart-casual outfits you can get away with smart looking trainers that have similarities with fancier shoes. Ideally in dark colours. In any case make sure they are clean.

If it says trousers, can I wear my leggings as they are not jeans?

Not really. Unless they are made of a thick, not see-through material that clearly resembles fancier trousers I would not risk it.

What jackets are acceptable?

Your outdoor jacket does not form part of your work outfit so you can wear any jacket that keeps you warm and dry. As with everything, keep it clean as your co-workers will see you arrive and leave in it.

What falls under the category of "shoes"?

Basically anything other than trainers. More often than not they are made of leather but it can be any material as long as they don't look too sporty.

Can I wear a cocktail dress?

That really depends on the dress. As long as it isn't too short or revealing some cocktail dresses are certainly nice to look at and if you feel like you can comfortably work in it then it should be okay.

Can I wear high heels?

Unless specified otherwise wearing heels is your prerogative. As long as you can walk in them comfortably knock yourself out. A little tip on the side: Most city commuters do their travelling in trainers and bring their heels in a rucksack or handbag to change into once at work. Saves you from blisters and twisted ankles if you are running for a bus. 

Anything left unanswered? Get in touch with your local project manager or ADC country manager and we will be happy to help!

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