It’s a common saying that London has all 4 seasons in one day. What people mean by that is that usually you need to bring pretty much half a wardrobe with you if you want to be prepared for the different kinds of weather each day may bring. Weirdly enough though, during the colourful season of autumn, the weather is a lot more steady and reliable. It is also mostly dry and sunny which makes it the perfect season to explore the outdoors in and around London a bit more. To help you get started, here are 4 of my personal favourites:

1. Nunhead Cemetery

Before you think I’ve lost my mind sending you to a cemetery, let me explain: Yes it is a cemetery with tombstones and graves. BUT it is a lot more than just that. Nunhead Cemetery is one of only 7 remaining Victorian cemeteries and not in active use anymore. This means that whilst most cemeteries are well groomed, this one is left to be in nature’s hands a bit more. There are some pretty unusual plant displays overgrowing the magnificent monuments erected in memory of the most eminent citizens of the day. Situated in the south-east of London (Brockley train station) it offers a space for peace and reflection as well as some breathtaking views across London. Every once in a while you can catch an open-air concert in the derelict stone chapel and once a month there is even a history tour to find out all about its history.

2. Regent’s Canal

One of the best parts of the Regent’s Canal walk is between Warwick Avenue and Angel tube stations. It is approx. 10kilometres to walk or cycle, depending on your energy levels. Either way, ready yourself to see a variety of sceneries, from the picturesque houseboats along Little Venice, through the rich and famous Regent’s Park area where 1 house costs as much as 4 or 5 houses would cost elsewhere in the country. You will even pass by the Zoo and maybe spot the odd bird flying around in the enclosure above you before you hit the less glamorous but no less popular Camden town. If Camden market isn’t pulling you away (for too long) just keep on moving through the upcoming towns and neighbourhoods and simply take in the colourful variety of the autumnal London.


3. Go Ape at the historic Alexandra Palace

Sitting in between Wood Green and Muswell Hill, an urban town to the homes of many rich and famous, Alexandra Palace was first opened as “The People’s Palace” in 1873 and provided the Victorians with a great environment and recreation centre. After being destroyed by a fire in the dome, only 2 weeks after opening, it took 2 years to restore it to its original beauty. It is best known however for housing the radio tower from which the BBC transmitted the first public television in 1936. Aside from its historic value however, Ally Pally as the locals refer to it, is still to this day a big magnet for all sorts of events and since a few years back there is a permanent “Go Ape” park adjacent to it. You can purchase a variety of tickets allowing you to indulge in tree top adventures with challenging obstacles, wobbly bridges and zip lines to swoosh back to the ground.


Kew Gardens

It’s hard to believe that an outdoor space this big is still part of a city. It goes to show just how far London reaches. Kew Gardens may not be the newest of ideas but it is an absolute must-see and never fails to make you feel small. Climb the 118 steps up to the Treetop Walkway to look across the 14.000 trees Kew Gardens has on show. A different point of view will give you a different outlook on the world around you.


Following your internship in London we’d love to hear about your favourite places and what makes them special to you. Send us some stories and photos and with a bit of Luck you’ll end up getting published on our blog and facebook page. Have Fun!

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