Many so-called Londoners aren’t actually FROM London. Most people either commute on a daily basis from the outskirts or have moved there (semi-) permanently from the British countryside if not from another country altogether. It is no secret that wages in London are higher and career chances amplified by I don’t know, ten or hundred folds compared to some of the small towns scattered across the globe. So naturally there’s a massive appeal to moving your Life to a city as big and vibrant as London. You needn’t go all the way to New York to live in a “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. 

The real question however is “what are your dreams made of?” Do you dream of a Life in the big city or do you actually prefer the countryside? Depending on several factors like your age, your goals, your ambitions, your financial circumstances and family situation, your experiences to date and like a gazillion other contributing factors, it is probably not going to be a simple decision to make, am I right? Yet it is a question people will continue to ask you over and over again wherever you go, whatever you do. Kind of annoying and yet somehow unavoidable.

I am aware that I too just asked you this question and before you try to answer it, the best advice I can give you at this point is: Don’t decide. Not now. Don’t think about what you really want. Don’t think about if you would be able to live a happy Life in the city or the countryside. Don’t think about the pros and cons of either. And if anybody asks, tell them you haven’t decided yet. Don’t let anyone pressure you into deciding where you want to go and where you want to stay. Because the truth is, what is right for you now, may not be right for you in 10, 20 or even 50 years to come. Times change, circumstances change and most of all we as people change. So the ONLY thing you need to do is stay true to yourself and allow yourself to change your mind based on your new Life experiences.

Going on an internship abroad for 2 or more weeks is an amazing opportunity to explore a different Lifestyle and see where it takes you. Regardless of whether you have opted for Dublin or London, it too will change your views, opinions and personality. It will become a part of your Life long decision making and it only gets easier from here.

Because whether you end up settling for the city or countryside, you can be happy anywhere if it feels right for you at the time. 

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