You know an Intern has done an extraordinary job at her work placement when the busy Retail Operations and Development Manager takes time out of her busy schedule to personally nominate a student for this award. Congratulations to Majury Jasmin Rasiah, our student of the month for Dublin! Majury has written a great interview for us and I’d love for you to read and share it as an inspiration for many others.

Majury was very helpful, willing and hardworking. Please pass on my thanks to this girl and we wish her every success in the future
— Majury's supervisor

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background. What sparked your interest in the Retail Industry?

My name is Majury Jasmin Rasiah, I’m 19 years old and currently working at Schmitt & Hahn in the railway station Nuremberg. My hobbies are very casual for example just reading thrilling books or meeting with friends. I was born in Neustadt/Aisch, a small village but my parents are coming from Sri Lanka. Therefore I actually have parts of the English language in my blood. 

At first I didn’t want to work in the retail industry but after an internship at my workplace in Germany I changed my mind. I was/am literally satisfied by helping people even if is just by answering simple questions like where the toilet is.

This is the area Majury’s host family lives in

This is the area Majury’s host family lives in

What was it like working at the Barnardos Shop in Dún Laoghaire? Tell us a little bit about the work you did there.

The colleagues at the Barnardos Shop in Dún Laoghaire were very friendly. They gave me tasks like separating the original Barnardos hangers from the others or unpacking the donations. Looking mainly for good clothes, tagging them with sizes and most importantly steaming them before they went out for sale. Moreover they gave me the task to ensure the donations in the store were well presented. They always asked me if I was doing okay and if I needed anything.

Last week we completed a refurbishment of the store. There was lots of clearing out, sorting out and hard work to be done. I had the pleasure of working with Majury and I wanted to commend her to you
— Majury's supervisor

You were nominated by your work placement supervisor because of your enthusiasm and hard work. What drives you forward?

My main goal is to use my job to share happiness with other people. It doesn’t matter if it is the customers, my colleagues or even the bosses. My intention is that everyone who is going to talk or spend time with me should leave with a good feeling about themselves and know that they are being appreciated for who they are.

What was the best moment of your trip? How has this experience inspired you? 

My best experience of the trip was visiting Howth with my group. The walk was a little bit exhausting but on the other side it was worth it. The view was incredibly beautiful because you can almost see the whole ocean. I also loved exploring Dún Laoghaire on my own and being independent from the others.

After this journey I’m even more confident in almost everything I do. I even speak louder at my workplace and am no longer as introverted as I was before the experience. In addition I feel that my English has improved so much! 



What are your plans for the future? 

My immediate plans for the future are completing my first apprenticeship with good grades. Afterwards I want to do the bachelor of business administration and for that I have to gain practical knowledge in retail first. So for now I have to gain much more experience.

What would your advice be for students who are about to go on the Internship Programme?

My advice for other students who are going to do an Internship Programme is to just be brave enough to make this experience on their own. Get to know new people and just speak with them even if they don’t understand you properly. My last advice would be that you try to make friends with people who are living there. This way you get to talk more and also learn more about the city at the same time.

Majury visited Dublin with our Internship Programme, a project eligible for funding from Erasmus+. We also arrange work experience projects in London. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about what we do and how to get funding. Call a Country Manager today on +44 2084249424 or email us at