As you know, every month we publish 2 student interviews with the winners of the ADC College title “student of the month”. Our blog and facebook pages are the perfect platform for students and schools to share their inspiring stories with the outside world, whether it was a heap of extra enthusiasm, an above and beyond positive attitude or a particularly creative way of overcoming obstacles that earned them this title in the first place.

Every time we publish an interview we too are beaming with pride and many of our partner companies actively nominate deserving ADC interns on a regular basis because they too want to give our students every possible advantage in their future career path. The longer we’ve been doing this the more we found we are actually a little bit addicted to helping our students and schools wherever we can. So we’ve put our thinking caps on and come up with a new way of providing even more helpful information. It took us a while to decide but in the end the attraction of using today’s modern technology won the battle.

Starting in May 2019, we will bring you a monthly feature called “App of the month”. We’ll be going on the hunt for all the great apps you might find useful before, during or after the internship programme. Whether it is an app for finding things to do in London or Dublin, an app that helps you brush up on your vocabulary, improve your time keeping or simplify your travels or even an app that gives you discounts and access to a variety of entertainment offers - if it can have a positive impact on your internship programme, we will find it for you. Best of all, whichever app gets published will have been personally tried and tested by some of our staff and/or students. We’ll then share our app experience with you and give you a rundown on the main features you can benefit from.

Last but not least, if you know of any useful apps you want to suggest, feel free to send your ideas directly to and play an active part in helping thousands more to get a technically enhanced project experience.

<Disclaimer: Please be aware that we cannot take responsibility for the content and correct use of the apps we test and suggest. Whilst we would never want to suggest anything offensive or harmful, it is impossible to predict all ads and in-app purchase offers you may come across. It is therefore highly recommended that you always familiarise yourself with app permissions, avoid providing too much personal information and always ask for the bill payer’s permission before you make any in-app purchases. As always, have fun but stay safe!>

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