Jeroen Kamphuis is a soon-to-be eighteen year old marketing student from The Netherlands. For the past few days, he has been doing work experience at ADC College while waiting to join his work placement company Dimoso - a PR agency specialising in technology brands. He wrote us a letter about London and what he hopes to draw from his Erasmus+ experience. 

Jeroen at ADC College.

Jeroen at ADC College.


My name is Jeroen and I currently live in Hilversum, The Netherlands. I am studying bilingual Marketing and Communication and took the opportunity to do my internship abroad - in this case in London. After my studies I want to specialise in Psychology.  

London is a metropolis, not because housing is so expensive, but because of the millions of people who live here. Every person I have met are from a different cultural background or have, for example, a different clothing style. The only thing I think is less clever than at home is the price of travel - a travel card from zone four to zone one costs £39 per week. But overall you have everything you need in your area - wherever you are - and that is quite neat.  

I am very excited because I don’t know what to expect and I am always hyped about learning and doing new things

As I live with a Jamaican host family, the food I eat here is not typical British, but it is quite good and sometimes I like the food here more than at home. Eating out is also good and not very expensive, unless you want to eat in the middle of London of course. Then you can expect to pay much more. So, my advice is to try to and eat in the outer zones around London. 

When I write this blog post I am at ADC College in Harrow. I will be here until Thursday the 13th of September. My internship is going to be at Dimoso - it is a company that deals with everything from social media to international PR. I am very excited because I don’t know what to expect and I am always hyped about learning and doing new things.  

Jeroen is in London with our Internship Programme, a project eligible for EU funding. We also arrange projects in Dublin. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about what we do and how to get funding. Call a Country Manager today on +44 2084249424 or send us a message.