When Felix Nentwig - a 21-year-old student from Germany - heard about the Internship Programme, he was immediately intrigued and signed up largely because he wanted to improve his English. During his three weeks in London, he interned at the National Algerian Centre and noticed many differences between the German and British culture. He noted down a few of his observations in this letter to us, which we have had the pleasure to publish. 


My name is Felix and I am from Germany. At the moment I am staying in London to do work experience with the Internship Programme. I live with a host family in Harrow and work at the National Algerian Centre in Westminster. 

In August 2016 I started my education in Wholesale, which will finish in July 2019. I learnt the theoretical foundations for my education at Berufskolleg Meschede. There my teacher told me about the opportunity to do work experience abroad. I was really excited about this project and wanted to develop my English skills in a professional environment. 

Now it is my second week in London and it is really fascinating to see the difference between Germany and the UK

Now it is my second week in London and it is really fascinating to see the difference between Germany and the UK. During my first week I studied English at ADC College, which strengthened my skills and made me feel more confident talking to people. We learnt things like business communication, how to speak on the phone, advertising and so on. 

This week I have started my internship at the National Algerian Centre – an organisation that serves the community and raises money. One service they offer is community dinners. They also run a holiday camp for 8 to 17-year-old kids and hold Linguistic Stays. I went to work this week with the aim to contribute with new creative ideas and was given the chance to assist the Linguistic Stay and learn about the working day in Britain. One of the differences I have noticed in comparison to Germany is that the working day in the UK normally begins with small talk. 

Felix in London.

Felix in London.

At home my mother brings me to work because I haven’t got my own car. Here in London I take the Overground to reach my work placement. It is a relaxed journey because I don’t have to change lines and can go straight to the station where the National Algerian Centre is. I think it is important to learn by doing and have not encountered any problems using the public transport. On the way home you can wind down from work by listening to music or closing your eyes. 

Overall, this internship is a great chance for vocational students to develop their English skills in a professional environment. I would like to tell other students not to worry and take this one-time chance. The ADC team will accompany you throughout the entire process and during your stay. 

Felix visited London with our Internship Programme, a project eligible for EU funding. We also arrange projects in Dublin. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about what we do and how to get funding. Call a Country Manager today on +44 2084249424 or send us a message.