As you know, ADC College provides internships for European students. The Internship Programme enables vocational students to gain work experience in London or Dublin and thereby learn something new about their trade. Sometimes we ask our students to share their experiences with us, kind of like a guest book. Here are five different stories from our London branch, where students from the Czech Republic, Norway and Germany discuss everything from living with a host family to the proper way of preparing English breakfast tea.


I learnt many new things that will be useful after my graduation

My name is Dominika. I am an 18-year-old student from the Czech Republic. I came to London for the experience and because I wanted to improve my English. I live with my friend from school with a host family in Harrow. They have three children and are very friendly. My work placement, the London Print Studio, is about 40 minutes from here. I use Photoshop and manage the scanner and this week I will help with an exhibition. We sell custom-made postcards, necklaces or bracelets. We also provide Photoshop courses. I am really happy that I got the chance to go here because I learned so many new things that will be useful after my graduation.

- Dominika Smrckova, Czech Republic.

The English lessons are fun

This is our first trip to London. The first thing we did was to attend some lessons at ADC College to practise our English skills. Our teachers are very funny and humorous and it was not boring at all. Much better than the German lessons we are used to!

The level of care here at ADC College is good and the information they have given us has been really useful. What do we like best? The funny teachers of course! They made the lessons interesting and entertaining. The certification ceremony at the end of the programme improve our chances to find good jobs in the future. Our Country Managers are really helpful and nice people as well.

We like our host families a lot. They are really helpful and it is nice to talk to them about our day.

Sometimes we eat at home with the other students staying with our host family. But mostly we go out for dinner, eating Chinese, Mexican or British food.

Our first week in London was very exciting and made a huge impression on us. The city is really big and full of culture. This week, we visited the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Big Ben and so on.

The traffic here in London is so full on! But from time to time it is really easy to get around, like in Germany. If you have an appointment it is possible that you won't be on time. London public transport isn’t as punctual as in Germany.

- Lehmann group, Germany

My host is lovely

My name is Vanessa. I am 19 years old and from Germany and study to become a beautician. This is my first visit in London and I am staying here for three weeks with my classmates. My friend and classmate Leonie and I live together with a host family here in London and we enjoy it there. When we came to ADC College, our host mother came to meet us and drove us to her house. She lives in Harrow and she is very friendly and lovely to us and we love staying with her. We receive breakfast and dinner every day.

During the first week, we attended an English course to learn a bit more about the language and all important things about London. In the afternoons, we visited Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Buckingham Palace and we went to the National History Museum, Madame Tussauds and London Dungeon. London is very different from Germany. It is more multicultural and people seem to be more comfortable to be themselves. It is a great experience to have, I recommend it! We also spent two weeks working in different beauty salons. I polished nails, while the hairdressers worked. I also rearranged some shelves and one day I distributed flyers. It was a great experience.

- Vanessa Poniwas, Germany

We feel comfortable and cared for

From the first day, our host family took good care of us. They had a lot of experience with students from Germany, Norway and Spain. It was something we noticed straight away because they were very well-prepared and friendly. The first day we came, they had a list of rules that they went through with us, they asked what food we liked or disliked and it made us feel more comfortable.

- Maria Kristine Flate Falch and Helene Pedersen, Norway

I work at an old fashioned hair salon

I am studying to become a hairdresser in Norway. My class was really lucky to be able to travel to London for work experience.

I work at The Hairdressers in Amwell Street, a small and old fashioned hair salon in central London. It is a lot like the salon I work for in Norway, except that hygiene is less strict. I have also observed that the hairdressers do things in different ways and have their own techniques. When I am at work I wash and blow-dry hair, make coffee and tea, observe and clean. The way you prepare English breakfast tea is important; it should not be too strong and not too weak. Adding milk is very important.

The biggest difference between London and Norway is that there are a lot more people here. It is normal to ask everyone how they are doing and say "please" and "thank you".

- Emilie Hoel Gjerde, Norway

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