The Internship Programme is an EU-funded initiative enabling students to do work experience in London or Dublin. This month, we have the pleasure of introducing you to an exceptional student who enrolled at our London bransch a few weeks back. Jan Vaníček interned at the travel agency Wexas Travel and took on a range of responsibilities, such as checking and updating the health and safety details of hotels, analysing competitor prices and sending letters. Dave Warne, the Commercial Director at Wexas, says that Jan is bright and speaks very good English, but above all it was his enthusiasm,  genuine interest and hard work that shone through during the internship. “He has taken to every task with great enthusiasm, even some of the more mundane ones, getting through everything quickly and efficiently”, says Dave. We asked Jan to write to us about his journey and what advice he would give other students who are about to follow in his footsteps. 

jan vanicek.jpg

My name is Jan Vaníček and I come from Tábor, which is located in the south of the Czech Republic. There, I study tourism at the Business Academy of Tábor and a while back I got the chance to be a part of the Internship Programme in London. 

As for my work, I can honestly say I took on a wide range of tasks at Wexas Travel. For instance, I compared travel itineraries in order to adjust the prices. I also worked with the booking database, which I used to check the safety and quality of different hotels. I even helped with writing letters and sent them off together with a soft toy - a polar bear - as a gift for Wexas’ clients.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone - that is where all the fun begins!

The most exciting aspect about working in London? The people. I am really glad I got the chance to work at Wexas, because if I was just there on holiday, I would never have met all the interesting, fun and inspiring people I worked with. The same applies for my host family, who truly cared about my friend and I as if we had been living with them for years. If you go on the Internship Programme and are lucky enough to stay with my host family, make sure you bring them a lot of gifts, because they deserve them!

The time I spent in London motivated me to keep on following my goals, such as learning languages. You can see how important it is when you go abroad. By that I don’t just mean English, but Spanish, German, Chinese, Czech and so on. If you know a foreign language, you can surely find a use for it. Also, the best moment during the trip was seeing the celebrations of the Lunar New Year, which took place in China Town. It was louder, more crowded and thrilling than I could ever imagine.

In the future, I would certainly love to return to London, even though it would be my fourth trip there. The best thing about the city is that it never loses its charm and uniqueness - quite the opposite.

If I were to give advice to future students about the internship, it would simply be: try everything. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone - that is where all the fun begins!

Jan visited London with our Internship Programme, a project eligible for funding from Erasmus+. We also arrange work experience projects in Dublin. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about what we do and how to get funding. Call a Country Manager today on +44 2084249424 or email us at