Introducing Julia Ullmann, our Dublin Student of the Month! Back home in Germany, she trains as a secretary for foreign languages and arrived in Dublin with the Internship Programme at the start of the year for a placement at the head office of O’Callaghan Hotels.

According to her supervisor, she greatly improved her English during her three weeks of work experience there. Always positive, with a happy-go-lucky outlook on life, Julia also expressed her gratitude for being granted the chance to travel and work abroad. We asked the 18-year-old a few questions about her time in Dublin and what made the journey so special.

Julia at her host's house.

Julia at her host's house.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

My name is Julia and I live in Germany, in a city called Montabaur. I do full-time training as a secretary for foreign languages. After school I work in a restaurant. I like to work with people and in the future I would like to be a stewardess and further improve my English.

What sparked your interest for business and administration?

I think it is the best option to improve my English.

What was the best moment of your trip?

I liked every moment of the trip. The people I met were so lovely! I talked to everyone and they told me about some very interesting things. At one point during my trip, I didn’t know which bus to take and a man helped me. I was so grateful! It was a very great time.

What was it like working at O'Callaghan Head Office?

The people were so lovely there. I had a lot of tasks and time slipped by so fast. If I didn’t understand something, they explained it again and were very polite. I am so grateful that they took their time to talk to me - for this reason I could improve my English.

What were your tasks?

I was in charge of the cash machines, compared the prices of the hotel rooms on and Expedia and I had to write reports. I registered reservation details, the number of people staying in the rooms, visiting dates and so forth in Excel. Those were my daily tasks. I also translated an English text into German and worked on a project researching other Dublin hotels.

We heard that your supervisor was very happy with you and that you greatly improved your English. How do you think you achieved that?

People at work were very easy to speak to. For example we talked about Germany, my secretary training and about Ireland. This played a huge part in why I improved my English. Also, my host was so lovely and it was great to talk to her too.

Honestly, I think I gained more experience in Dublin than I have during my two years in school.

How would you compare your work placement to your work or school back home?

The work placement was more practical than the work I do in school. Honestly, I think I gained more experience in Dublin than I have during my two years in school. For such an experience, I  am so grateful.

This experience must have inspired you, then?

After returning home, I knew I had to go to Ireland again. I miss talking English with people. It is only during the English lessons at school that I am able to speak English and I really enjoy it.

What did you learn from the trip?

You are on your own when you go abroad. Once I got back, my mum said to me: “Wow, you are so confident. I haven’t seen you like this before.” It was so funny, my mum is so proud of me. I am more independent than before my trip to Dublin.

What did you find most exciting about working and living in a new country?

The Irish culture and the food. When I first arrived, my host cooked beef with Guinness. It was so delicious! I had never tasted that before. I have to say that the people in Ireland are more friendly than in Germany and for this experience I am grateful as well.

Julia and her friends in Dublin.

Julia and her friends in Dublin.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to be a stewardess and make use of my improved English. I am so grateful for this chance and the time in Ireland. I can’t say it enough. And I will definitely visit Ireland again.

What would your advice be for students who are about to go on this journey?

Enjoy the time you have been given. Go outside and talk to people, experience the friendliness of the people in Ireland. Don’t be shy. I promise you that time will pass so quickly. Part of you will think: “Oh god, I miss my home”. But another part of you will say: “I am sad that the journey is over, but I am so grateful for this experience and for the chance that ADC College has given me!”.

Julia visited Dublin with our Internship Programme, a project eligible for funding from Erasmus+. We are also arranging work experience projects in London. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about what we do and how to get funding. Call a Country Manager today on +44 2084249424 or email us at