Do you have your tickets? Passport? A plastic bag for your liquids? Travelling can be stressful at the best of times, so imagine looking after yourself as well as 15 Erasmus+ students – most of whom have never been abroad on their own before. The trick, as always, is preparation. Here, we answer nine of your most common questions about travelling to and from ADC College Dublin. 

Where is ADC College? 

Our head office is based in north-west London, in the suburban borough of Harrow. Since the start of 2017, however, we have opened up a branch in Dublin. We are located in the western part of the city close to the M50 motorway. You can read more about how to get here on our website.

How do we decide on the dates of the project? 

The dates will be negotiated with ADC College as soon as you receive funding. However, arrival always needs to be on a Sunday and departure on a Saturday. 

Who will arrange the plane tickets? 

This is the responsibility of your school. ADC College will look after you and your students once the Internship Programme begins, i.e. when you arrive in Ireland. We recommend buying the tickets in advance, as the prices tend to rise closer to the time of departure. 

What time should we arrive and depart?  

Please choose comfortable arrival and departure times if you can. Arriving late at night (after 9.00 PM) or departing early in the morning (before 8.00 AM) will have an impact on our hosts, who are obliged to pick students' up and drop them off at ADC College. Arriving late on the Sunday will also have an impact on students' mood and energy during the important introduction on the Monday morning. 

How much luggage should I bring? 

That is up to you. But travelling light is usually a more comfortable way of getting around. 

Can I use Euros in Ireland? 

Yes you can. You can choose to exchange money beforehand or withdraw money from an ATM / cash machine upon arrival. 

How do we make our way from the airport? 

ADC College will arrange a taxi or bus to pick you up at the airport. Look out for a person holding a sign with the name of your group. The vehicle will take you to your host families who will be waiting for you.

How do our students find their way to ADC College for the introduction on the Monday morning? 

They will be instructed by their hosts on how to reach our Dublin offices. Bus and tram cards will have been distributed by the taxi company upon arrival. 

How will our students find their way to their work placements? 

During the introduction, we will brief your group on how to use public transport in Dublin. We recommend to students to read up on the city of Dublin and Irish history ahead of the programme. It will make you feel more at home upon arrival. 

How do I contact ADC College in case of an emergency? 

During office hours, you can reach us on our office number, +35 315 314 419. We will also prepare you with an emergency number for out of office hours ahead of your departure.

ADC College organises Internship Programmes in London and Dublin, eligible for funding from Erasmus+. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about what we do and how to get funding. Call a Country Manager today on +44 2084249424 or send a message to info@adccollege.eu.