Once upon a time there was a young woman trying to make ends meet in London. She had moved to this amazing city 8 years ago from another country and dreamed of having it all. Her own little business which would be just big enough to provide a financial safety net for when she grew old, yet small enough to allow her to enjoy Life. As well as an interesting part-time job, ideally in a multicultural company where she could surround herself with like minded and kind colleagues.

Ambitious by nature and a firm believer that hard work pays off, she first set out to open her very own business selling handmade jewellery from local designers. It took many months of working pretty much around the clock to do this. It was a hard and sleep deprived time to say the least. But it worked.

Eventually she reached a point where customers knew they could find her products online which meant she could spend a little less time on marketing. So she decided to finally move on to phase 2 and get that desired part-time job.

“Good things really do happen to good people”, she thought to herself with a smile on her face when only a couple of weeks later she was signing her contract with a company that ticked all the boxes. The day she had gone for the interview, meeting her two potential future bosses left her with a feeling of excitement and welcomeness. Albeit the professional surroundings and some tough interview questions, she could sense a lot of warmth and kindness from the two and as the interview progressed the feeling of excitement was steadily growing. She knew there and then she just had to become a part of this great team!

Life was perfect.

But her Luck was about to run out. Two days prior to her 1st day in the new job, the young woman received a phone call from her sister. Their mother had suffered from a severe stroke and was in hospital back home. Torn between leaving directly for her home country or fulfilling her responsibilities of turning up at work on the first day, she decided to do the latter in the hope that they could come to an agreement and delay the actual start date somewhat further. At least until she knew her mother was going to be safe.

On that Monday, the young woman turned up at work with red, swollen eyes and a heavy heart. Emotions were high and any potential nervousness or excitement about starting a new role had been pushed aside by the worries about her mum. During the last 24 hours her mother had suffered two more strokes and the doctors still didn’t know what triggered them and whether there were going to be any more. All they knew was that it was not safe for her to go home until further tests could be carried out and a cause was found. When the young woman told her new manager about the situation he assured her without hesitation that her new role could wait a little longer. “Family is more important. Go and see your mum as soon as possible.” he comforted her and he meant it. When she flew out the very next morning, it was only a matter of days before they found out that what had triggered the strokes was a very serious, long-term illness. There was a chance of curing her mum but no guarantees were given. It was clear that the months ahead weren’t going to be easy for anyone. In her heart the young woman wanted nothing more than to move back home to care for her mother. But Life wasn’t going to pay for itself so she went back to London to finally start her part-time job whilst continuing to grow her own little business.

Over the course of the next year, she got trained at her new job, was given the opportunity to bring entirely new clients on board and to manage all their projects from start to finish in co-operation with various in-house departments. She was commercially supported from all angles, but more importantly, she was emotionally supported from every single team member. She was granted extra time off to visit her mother regularly and at one point, when her mum had taken a big step back in her recovery, she even got permission to work from abroad for a little while so she could do both. Care for her mother as well as continue her job. The young woman was more than grateful for this opportunity and made sure she combined her trip home with several client visits which lead to further business. You see when employers give extra to their loyal staff, the natural response is that the employees will want to give even more back to the company. A valuable lesson that not many employers have understood just yet. This particular company however had.

After more than two long years of her mother going through Hell and back fighting to get better, the happy news finally arrived just a few weeks before Christmas. She had beaten the odds, proved the doctors wrong and defeated an illness that had been deemed as incurable shortly after the initial diagnosis.

The young woman was at home alone, standing in her living room filled with Christmas decorations and the heavenly smell of cinnamon scented candles when the happy call came in. At first she could not believe it - then she broke into tears, slowly sitting down in the middle of the room and taking it all in. The tears just kept coming, but they were happy tears, tears of relief, joy and gratitude. Joy, because this was obviously the happiest news she had ever heard in her entire Life. And gratitude because something else quite amazing occurred to her in that very moment: She was meant to join that company 2 years ago. And when she did, she didn’t just become a team member. She became part of a Family that gave her more than she could have ever hoped for!

In case you haven’t worked it out for yourselves yet, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. All of the above is true and as sad as some of it may seem, this story, like all fairy tales do, has a veeeeery Happy Ending. Because the company I was referring to, is ADC College and the young woman in question was me. So some fairy tales do come true.

Merry Christmas to you all!


Daniela x

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