As of this year, ADC College has extended the Internship Programme to Dublin, Ireland. It means that vocational students from around Europe now have the opportunity develop professionally in a historically interesting city, while also improving their English skills. Perhaps it is your school's next Erasmus+ destination? 

To introduce you to our Dublin branch, we decided to interview one of our newest recruits, Marcia Costa. With a teacher and tour guide background, Marcia will be looking after host families  and take care of all the logistics involved in project planning. Besides that, she will also be helping out with work placements and make sure interns are perfectly matched with a business in their field.  

Marcia Costa in central Dublin

Marcia Costa in central Dublin


Hi Marcia! Tell us a bit about yourself and why you wanted to be part of the Internship Programme. 

Hi there. I am a teacher of Languages and Literature originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - and I simply love travelling and getting to know different people and cultures. I wanted to be part of the Internship Programme because of my passion for the vibrant student life and cultural awareness. I am a people person and I believe I will learn a lot from and also contribute to ADC College.  

What part of your job do you think you will find the most inspiring or interesting? 

I am a people person and I believe it will be great to be in contact with families, visiting them and imagining how students will feel in their homes. Also, it will be good to have contact with the students during the mentoring sessions and motivate them about the great experience of being abroad and part of the programme.   

How would you describe the Internship Programme to someone who hasn't heard about it? 

I would say that it is a fantastic opportunity for students not only to develop some of their work skills but also because of all the amazing experiences they will have during the programme. For many of the students, it is their first time abroad so it brings them a sense of achievement and independence. The opportunity to live abroad for a while, to have contact with such a multicultural environment, meet different people, improve their English, to be part of a foreign family for a few weeks... oh my God! It is simply great! I wish all the students in this big, big world had the chance to join a programme like this.  

I wish all the students in this big, big world had the chance to join a programme like this

How would you describe Dublin to a newcomer? 

Dublin is where I chose to live so I simply love it! Even though it is a cosmopolitan place, for me it is also a charming little city with a vibrant feeling that attracts people of all ages. It is curious to see the young and the old mingling on the streets and in the pubs. By the way, the pubs are a must, even if you don't drink like me. Ireland is a country with such rich history and Irish people are happy, lively, friendly and always up for a chat. I believe Dublin is the perfect destination for students. 

What is your favourite spot in Dublin? 

Well, that is a hard question to answer as Dublin has got many lovely spots, but I guess I should say the area where I live - Clondalkin in Dublin 22 - just thirty minutes on the LUAS, which is what we call the trams here. Clondalkin is so peaceful with lots of green areas to stroll around. It is a seventh century monastery and it still holds a Round Tower which is very well preserved and attracts tourists from all over the world. They just opened a Visitor Centre last July and a lovely restaurant with organic food and drinks. It is worth a visit!  

Why do you think Dublin is a suitable destination for work experience? 

Irish people are happy, lively, friendly and always up for a chat. Not only in Dublin but everywhere in Ireland people are generally interested in knowing about you and willing to help if you are lost without a map or stuck with the language. Due to the multicultural diversity in Dublin, it is certain that the students will be working with people from all over the world, which will add loads to their life experience. Modern companies are also part of the package. I believe Dublin is the perfect destination for students. 

What do you think will be the students' biggest challenge? 

Doing work experience in a foreign country involves a lot of new situations and is really challenging. Students might see that some practices are different from the practices in their own countries, which can make them feel a little bit stressed due to unfamiliar situations. All this can be overcome with some preparation, like researching the work placement website, for example. Also, teachers give great support and, of course, ADC College is here to help!   

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is interested in taking part in the Internship Programme, what would it be? 

Just go for it! It is definitely an amazing opportunity to grow as a person and have lots of great memories to always look back on. 

ADC College now organises the Internship Programme in Dublin, eligible for funding from Erasmus+. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about what we do and how to get funding. Call our Dublin branch today on +35 315 314 419 or send a message to