Our new Student of the Month is Tomas Kral, who came to London with the Internship Programme back in December. The Czech IT student, who loves repairing computers in his spare time, instantly fell in love with the UK capital and his work placement at the London Basketball Association, a charity that operates within the 'sport for development' sector. Helping out within the IT department there, he made a big impression on his team and at the end of his placement received a medal as a token of appreciation 

We asked Tomas about the joys of going abroad and how the experience has shaped and inspired his plans for the future. 

Photo: Tomas Kral

Photo: Tomas Kral

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background. 

I live in quite an average town called Most. I spend almost all my spare time reading blogs about what's new in the world of IT. I also love riding my bike! Cycling is the perfect way to relax.  

What was the best moment of your trip?  

Oh, that's a hard question! There were plenty of great moments, but the best one must have been when I was with the London Basketball Association at The Westminster League. It was unique and I never want to forget it. Also, my host was the best! He was helpful and funny. He did everything to make us happy.  

ADC College were also fabulous. Everyone was very nice, helpful and took good care of us! They are simply the best! 

Words can’t even describe how I feel about this experience. It has injected me with energy and enthusiasm for both work and education and I’m determined to return to London

What was it like helping out at a big basketball game like the Westminster League? 

It was an overwhelming experience for me. My assignment was to ask people to fill out a questionnaire on a tablet. I enjoyed it to the fullest and spoke English with everybody. It's not my native language, but I still managed to give people advice, which felt great. 

I got a gold medal at the end of my experience period! It was totally unexpected and I was really excited. 

What were your tasks at the work placement? 

My job was to care for their website, using WordPress. I installed a few plugins and also helped out with Google Analytics. The most fun part was to search for a product in the Black Friday sale! 

How would you compare your work placement with your work or school back home? 

The comparison is not possible because you wouldn't get a chance like this in the Czech Republic. I would have liked to stay for longer. I would also like to move back to London after graduation. 

How has this experience inspired you?  

Words can't even describe how I feel about this experience. It has injected me with energy and enthusiasm for both work and education and I'm determined to return to London. 

What did you learn from the trip? 

I learned a lot, but especially I have improved my English. Furthermore, I learned about WordPress by contributing regularly to the site, and that only happened because of this opportunity. 

What did you find most exciting about working and living in a new country?  

London is a huge city and I enjoyed it immensely. People are nice and helpful. And work was incredibly entertaining! The whole team helped me and I greatly appreciated their effort. 

What are your plans for the future? 

I want to finish school and move to London and start working there and generally start a new chapter of my life. The English language has a special place in my heart now and I want to go on and use and develop it. And use the experience I have gained. 

What would your advice be for students who are yet to embark on this journey? 

Don't worry too much and just enjoy the atmosphere. You might not get this opportunity again. I definitely recommend this trip as it will help improve your skills and you'll get to know new people.

Tomas visited London with our Internship Programme, a project eligible for funding from Erasmus+. Now we're also arranging work experience projects in Dublin. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about what we do and how to get funding. Call a Country Manager today on +44 2084249424 or email us at info@adc.eu.