Do you find it difficult to keep track of European updates, news and announcements? Don't worry! Here are three articles of interest to teachers and students taking part in European mobility programmes - or to people interested in the ideas and frameworks governing European educational policies.

Tips for travel: international mobility for disadvantaged students

This is an inspiring story about 11 students who were given the chance to travel to Honduras. For some, it was their first time abroad; for all of them it was a transformative experience. Here, Alice Lentz highlights important points on how to approach mobility for disadvantaged students, her tips are also helpful to anyone working with European or international mobility programmes. As usual, knowing your students and preparing them for the trip is top of the list.

Commission welcomes agreement to end roaming charges and to guarantee an open Internet

The European Council has now agreed to end high roaming fees for using mobile phones when travelling through Europe. From June 2017, mobile phone users will pay the same price as at home, with no extra charges.

The World's Most Spoken Languages and Where They Are Spoken

This beautifully designed map of the world’s languages shows English being beaten by Mandarin and (only just) by Spanish, but look closely and it turns out that English is spoken in as many as 110 countries and is the most popular language to learn in the world with 1,500 million learners. By reading this text, you must be one of them!

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