A hilltop bench, a south-facing garden or a winding walk by a canal? It may not sound like the London you know, but it’s the London we love. Why not avoid the queue at Madame Tussauds during your next visit and go for something a little more special? We have curated a list of our favourite springtime hideouts.

1.    Dalston Roof Park

Head east for an afternoon drink in the sun and spectacular view of the city skyline. Dalston Roof Park hosts a number of outdoor events  throughout the summer,  such as movie nights, clothes swaps, art exhibitions, secret gigs and yoga. Take  your pick to experience an insider’s view of the city.

2.    Richmond Park

Located in South West London, Richmond Park is a huge nature reserve home to the Isabella plantation, Pembroke Lodge and beautiful herds of deer. It’s an incredible sight and well worth a day’s excursion.

Shielded by trees and blooming bushes, it’s easy to forget the city bustle going on around Parkland Walk.

3.    Parkland Walk

An old Haringey railway route, Parkland Walk stretches from Finsbury Park to Highgate Village, round the corner from the famous Highgate Cemetery where Karl Marx lies buried. Shielded by trees and blooming bushes, it’s easy to forget the city bustle going on around you.

4.    Harrow School

Not far from ADC College and situated in leafy Harrow-on-the-Hill, lies the notable Harrow Boarding School. A public school for boys founded as early as 1572, it has preserved that traditional air of stiff-upper-lip sophistication England has long been known for abroad. Pupils wear an iconic uniform of grey trousers, blue jacket and an elegant straw hat with a ribbon tied around it.

5.    The Hampstead Heath Ponds

One of the locals’ favourites, the Hampstead Heath Ponds are a great way to spend an early hot summer’s day in the city. Situated in the west corner of Hampstead Heath, there’s a ladies’ and men’s pond as well as a mixed pond. Relax on the bank, bring a book and a pair of sunglasses, and in case you’re visiting on a weekend, make sure to get there early, as it tends to fill up quickly  towards the afternoon.

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