This is what Harrow looked like one hundred years ago. The transformation of the street where ADC College is located, Masons Avenue, reflects the journey that high streets throughout London have made in the past century; from quiet roads of quaint storefronts to city streets vibrant with people, flavours and products from all over the world.  

One of my favourite activities when I first came to London was trying to guess where people were from while travelling on the tube. As the years passed, the game became more elaborate. I would make up little stories and try to figure out where they were heading. This sometimes included trying to glimpse what my fellow passengers were reading or analysing their style of clothing. Thankfully, I never acted on my impulse to actually follow people off the train... 

Masons Avenue: from the book 'Harrow' compiled by Brian Girling

Masons Avenue: from the book 'Harrow' compiled by Brian Girling

Today, ADC College is nestled between a Nigerian Pentecostal church and an Irish pub and you can buy food from all over the world on our street. Britain celebrates diversity and so does ADC College. Harrow & Wealdstone is not where you will find the Queen, but it's a place where people actually live and work. If you have an innate curiosity about the world, you can always discover something new here that you haven’t seen before. 

Nowadays, there are only two kinds of people here in London – tourists and us real Londoners. A real Londoner knows to keep right on the escalators in the Tube stations and will say sorry even when other people bump into you. Most importantly, a real Londoner knows that you should carry something like a smart phone or book to focus your gaze and mind on the Tube. I still like to watch my fellow passengers, but most of the time I try to catch up on my reading list. 

But what has no impact on your credibility as a Londoner, is your place of birth, your religion or the colour of your skin. And you know what? That, in itself, is kind of beautiful. 

ADC College organises Internship and Teacher Development programmes for European schools in London. If you opt to live with one of our local host families, you are likely to be placed in Harrow or in one of its neighbouring boroughs. If you would like more information about what we do or how to get funding, please send us a message or give us a call on +44 20 84249424.