Linn Wallander is a Business and Administration student from the town of Östersund in northern Sweden, where she lives with her partner. She describes herself as a kind person who easily empathises with people and who can jump into a challenging situation and quickly resolve it. Supported by a grant from Erasmus+, the 18-year-old recently did three weeks’ work experience at a London college, while staying with a local host family. Here is her story. 

Linn (far left) with two classmates in London.

Linn (far left) with two classmates in London.

The most exciting thing about working and living in a new country is all the new things you come across; no day is like another and there's always something happening.  

The biggest challenge I encountered was to open myself up and feel confident in a new environment, even though I tend to become very shy and reclusive. Now I had to show how strong I was.  

My work placement was at English Time, an English language school. One of my main tasks was to locate schools across the whole world and recruit more students to the school. I also handed out flyers and cleared and updated files in the office. Working at a language school also helped improve my English. 

I have grown as a person and become stronger and more independent.

There were big differences between my home country and the UK - such as the traffic, the amount of people and the food - but if I could choose one word to describe my time in London I would say; educational. The living standards are lower than in Sweden and the building I worked in was, for example, very old and didn’t have a lunch room, so I learned to adapt to the situation and live in line with the new rules and standards.  

I have grown as a person and become stronger and more independent. My plan for the future is to take a year off to save money and buy myself an apartment. I would actually like to live in London, but as long as I’m with my boyfriend and so attached to my family, I don’t think I could handle moving there on my own. But I am definitely going back someday to see my host family, my colleagues at English Time and to see more of the city of London.  
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