To improve our projects and give our students and teachers the best possible welcome, we frequently ask our participants to answer a few questions about their stay. Testimonials like this one, from the Bulgarian Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski High School of Economics, whose students did in-house training at ADC College for two weeks, makes all our hard work totally worth it! We couldn't have asked for better feedback from their teacher, Zlatka Todorova.

Students from Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski High School of Economics pictured with the team of English tutors from ADC.

Students from Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski High School of Economics pictured with the team of English tutors from ADC.

What was the reason you chose ADC?  

We had read a lot of great references and heard good feedback about the college and it seemed like a very welcoming and lovely place for students. It seemed to be a very good place for us to learn and have fun at the same time.

How was your experience with ADC’s Country Manager?   

Veni Lazarova was so positive, organised and ready to give 100 percent in order to help us with every detail. In addition, she was very approachable and a lovely person to talk and work with, which meant she was able to help us with anything we found difficult. With her, our project became a great experience for all.

 What would you say about the way ADC structures and organises projects?  

The project structure is very innovative and interesting and it was definitely a useful experience for me. It’s no surprise so many schools from different countries are collaborating with ADC and their project managers. The way ADC structures and organises projects is different from the way we have done it before and that was interesting for me to see as a participant. I learned a lot of new things in very friendly environment, which I can use in my future work.  

What specific features did you like most about ADC College?  

We liked that the team is very open minded and made us feel comfortable from day one. We liked the atmosphere of the college, because everyone there was so friendly and we were able to talk to all of them about anything that came to mind. The international environment made it possible for us to communicate with and get to know people from different cultures. We also enjoyed the different lessons, games and projects we participated in.  

 If you had to say something about ADC in one sentence, what would it be?  

ADC College is a very warm place in cold and rainy London, where you can improve your skills and learn something new.

The students from Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski High School of Economics attended ADC College's Internship Programme earlier this year. If you would like to know more about what we do and how to apply for funding with Erasmus+, please write us a message or call a Country Manager today on +44 20 84249424.