Every month we publish news and updates regarding deadlines, events or changes to our organisation. We believe in transparency, and this way you’re less likely to miss out on information about European mobility, Erasmus+ funds, our Internship and Teacher Development Programmes and how to make the most of your project. Any questions? Please contact us on info@adc-tt.eu or post a comment below.  

1. The Erasmus+ Call 2016 will be published in February/March 

According to the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, the next Call will be published in February/March. Last year, the deadline was in the beginning of March, however Austria is rumoured to have moved the deadline forward to February this year. That’s why we recommend all schools to start preparing their application as soon as possible to increase their chances of success. 

2. Are you looking for an Erasmus+ partner? 

We are now in the middle of contacting new partner schools for Call 2016 - unless you approach us first, of course. Are you a teacher interested in developing professionally in a certain field and connecting with teachers from other cultural backgrounds? Or are you an international project coordinator looking to partner with a trusted organisation in London? Now is the time to get the ball rolling and start planning your next mobility project! Send us a message or call us on +44 2084249424.  

3. More funding has been agreed for Erasmus+! 

Due to the high number of applications, the European Union has decided to increase the annual funding of Erasmus+ by €15 million, writes University World News. The aim is to be able to fund more projects as the programme's popularity increases. 

4. Documents deadline is now 4 months prior to project start 

Due to the high number of work experience students this year, we have had to move the documents deadline to 4 months before your project start date (instead of 3 months, as previously). This includes the student list, registration forms, English tests, CVs and the Arrival & Departures form. As well as giving us the necessary time to match work placements with student profiles, you will have another month to prepare for the trip. Mobility projects require meticulous organisation and the more structured the planning, the more successful your project will be. 

5. Welcome to our new Country Managers!  

As we informed you last month, our team has benefitted from the addition of two new Country Managers. Monique Vroegop is your new contact person for Belgium and the Netherlands and Diana Voxerbrant is the person responsible for Sweden and Norway. You can reach them on [first name]@adc-tt.co.uk or call +44 2084249424.