One of the most important aims of the Internship Programme is to broaden the cultural understanding of our students and inspire new ways to approach employment. We asked one of our interns to compare her ADC work placement to what she is used to at home.

My name is Anna-Kathrin Back and I’m a student from Germany. I stayed in London for three weeks to improve my English and gain impressions of the British working world.

One of the first things I noticed was the difference in the structure of the working day. In Germany it’s typical to start early in the morning, for example at seven o’clock, while in England you start a little later, around nine.  As in Germany you start so early, you sometimes have a 15 minute breakfast break and a 30-45 minute lunch break, while in England I had one hour in total. It makes sense to me because it means I can switch off and relax. You can have lunch and go for a stroll afterwards. So when you get back to work you are full of energy.

The British love small talk, which is useful when it comes to breaking the ice and start a conversation

Culturally speaking, I find Germans punctual, direct, sensible, organised, professional, stiff and petty. During my visit I felt that the British were more open-minded, understanding, helpful and friendly. And they love small talk, which is useful when it comes to breaking the ice and start a conversation.

Actually, while on the topic of small talk, Germans also imagine the UK to be constantly rainy. Guess what? The opposite is the case!  The weather can change rapidly, so you never know if the sun will shine. 

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