Every month we assemble a selection of links highlighting the latest Erasmus news and updates. This is what we read in September.

Image: National Media Museum

Image: National Media Museum

EU's Erasmus study abroad programme is 'responsible for 1m babies'

Looking beyond knowledge, cross-cultural experiences and language training, what are the benefits of Erasmus? Love, it seems. According to the Erasmus Impact Study, a quarter of the people that enrol for exchange student programmes meet their long-term partner abroad, hence the birth of one million Erasmus babies.

Study shows EU Erasmus student exchange programmes boost employability

A more direct effect of the Erasmus programme is the employability of its participants. The Erasmus Impact Study also shows that gaining work experience or studying abroad will significantly boost your chances of employment. Erasmus students are much more likely to find long-term employment than their stay-at-home peers due to their transferable skills, writes Shanghai Daily.

Does the internationalisation of education pay a peace dividend?

Despite the many benefits of Erasmus, such as bilingual babies or a secure job, the programme needs to be under constant review to make room for improvement. The article, by Patti McGill Peterson from the American Council of Education, calls for a change of focus. In place of the current financial narrative of competitive job markets and productivity, Peterson argues that equality and mutual understanding need to be the main drive and aim of international education programmes, leading to a peace dividend.