The Erasmus+ funding results have been announced! Find out if your application was successful on the website of your National Agency. Was your application rejected? Don’t worry! We will answer your questions.

Have you received any feedback from your National Agency?

We are happy to inform you that all results from the National Agencies have been published. Several schools have already confirmed their success and enrolled in our courses.

Unfortunately some National Agencies are facing delays in dealing with the applications due to technical problems with the new on-line system implemented by the EU. Nevertheless, they are working hard to provide schools with the results as soon as possible.

We have sent out a survey to collect the results from the schools that expressed their interest in collaborating with us. Once you receive feedback from your National Agency, you can fill in the survey or write to us to confirm your outcome. We look forward to hearing from you and starting to plan your mobility actions.

Appointing a coordinator

The schools which enrolled with us are invited to appoint one coordinator for the teacher development projects. This doesn't have to be the legal representative. The coordinator will be the reference person for all staff members involved in the mobility actions.  He or she will ensure that the relevant documents reach the participants and that the participants will send them back to ADC College in due time.

Should you not appoint a coordinator, we will then refer to the person that initially subscribed to the ADC website.

Waiting list

Schools may find their project listed on the “waiting list”. This means that the project has been approved, but not yet funded. It is difficult to foresee what will happen with the waiting list, as there are many variables involved. In case the National Agency proceeds with the waiting list candidates the school will receive an update. In this case it is important to check the National Agency website regularly for any relevant news.

But since the project has been approved for the waiting list, it means the application is good. If the project doesn't receive funding, you can simply improve it for the next Erasmus+ call. You might be interested in finding out more about why it has not been funded by contacting your National Agency 15 days after the publication of the results. They will be able to give you more details about your application and how to improve it.

Rejected applications

Should your application not be selected, do not despair! This is only one of many Erasmus+ calls. The National Agency should send you feedback about the reasons why your application has been rejected. Based on that you can improve your project for the next call. In the meantime, we will keep you informed on our courses and the deadlines.

Are you still looking for teacher development courses in London? Please write to us to find out what the available courses at ADC College are.

Did you miss the deadline for the application form last March 2014? Do not panic, many more calls are bound to come up. Many schools are already preparing for next year’s application form. Call a Country Manager today on +44 2084249424 or send us a message.