Dear reader,

My time in London and with ADC College was unbelievable. Four weeks of work experience simply wasn't enough. My name is Lisa-Marie Kutscher and I’m an 18-year old from North-Rhine Westphalia, West Germany. In April this year I interned at ADC College as part of their Internship Programme – a trip which changed my life.



Before the trip I was anxious about staying with an unfriendly family or having to carry out boring tasks at work. I was unsure about the speed of the language and if people in the office would understand me. Would I live up to their expectations? At the same time, I looked forward to meeting new people and seeing what life in London was like. 

In the end, I loved all of it! London is such an interesting city and I had a great time at ADC. I was offered interesting responsibilities and there was never a boring moment in the office. People’s open-mindedness and kindness truly inspired me. The most exciting part of my experience was developing my English and seeing how people worked in the office. The ways people communicate is very different from back home. In the UK you talk about your weekend and interests like you’re friends, whereas Germans don’t seem to know their colleagues or speak among themselves on a personal level.

I want to study abroad, probably in London, and work internationally

During my internship, I learned how to quote in English, embed website links and conduct research correctly. I also made phone calls, arranged meetings and helped out on a film project about German customs. I’m already using my new knowledge in school. When I do presentations and need to refer to internet links, I save them directly in a Word document. During language lessons I'm not afraid of presenting or joining a discussion, because I know I can trust my English. 

Next summer I will be finishing school. I plan to visit London and ADC again. I want to study abroad, probably in London, and work internationally. Returning to Germany was very strange. My town was green and blossoming, like a jungle, and I was so happy to see my parents again, but I still felt like I was in the wrong place. I missed the busy London streets and people’s kindness. I felt an overwhelming sense of “wanderlust” – the need to travel.

Auf Wiedersehen, 
Lisa-Marie Kutscher

Do you or your students want to experience something similar? Lisa-Marie participated in our Internship Programme last April, which is eligible for EU funding. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about what we do and how to get funding. Call a country manager today on +44 2084249424.