Programme organisation

By when do I need to decide about accommodation and airport transfer options?

Once your school has confirmed that you will attend a course you will be asked to fill in a form and select accommodation details. This usually happens during summer following the publishing of funding results. We collect feedback from all our partners in many European countries. Once we know when schools wish to attend a course, we send out course confirmations to your school and ask you to give us more detailed information. This usually happens 1-2 months before the course starts. At this stage you can decide if you would like us to arrange your airport transfer.


Does my school need to sign a contract with ADC College?

Yes. When enrolling you for your course, your school is committing to your course attendance and agrees with our terms and conditions. We ask your school to sign an enrolment form so that we can plan course dates and confirm that we run our courses to other participants.


By when do fees need to be paid?

We ask you/your school to make the payment so that we receive it minimum one month (30 days) before your course starts.

What if my school receives the grant later than the payment due date?

According to our experience it is very unlikely that your school does not receive funding on time. In the event that this happens, please ask your school to temporarily cover your costs or pay for them privately and recover the payment as soon as your school receives the funds.