We live in a global village. Education is no longer kept within the walls of one classroom. Why learn French in your local Krakow school when lessons are underway in Montpellier? In an increasingly interlinked world, where information flows freely, we can work for a better future by sharing knowledge and experiences.

ADC wants to bring you closer to the exciting world of international mobility

Newly established EU initiatives achieve precisely that. Designed to encourage cultural exchange, our EU funded partner projects have already given thousands of students and teachers the chance to learn new professional practices, language skills and tuition techniques abroad.

 Image: OSU Special Collections & Archives  

Image: OSU Special Collections & Archives 

From now on we will regularly publish useful tips and news about European initiatives as well as bring you up to date with our latest courses and programmes. The different parts of ADC College – our skilled work placement team, talented English teachers and reliable country managers – will share what’s going on behind the scenes of our college to bring you closer to the exciting world of international mobility.

Will London be your school’s next destination? Get inspired by our European projects.