Getting the news from your national agency

Some countries will publish funding results as early as the end of June/beginning of July. As soon as you know about your (school’s) results, get in touch with us – we are as excited about it as you are! This is especially important if you wish to attend a course in summer. We want to be quick with our organisation to provide all participants with the information they need to book their flight tickets.

Appointing a coordinator

To make sure we get your course organisation right, we ask your school to appoint a single coordinator who can be our point of contact. This allows our programme Manager, Tommaso Pallanch, to build a personal relationship with your school and we can make sure that all relevant documents reach the participants in due time. The coordinator also ensures that all participants fill in all required forms without being late.

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Overview: what are the next steps?

Step 1: Funding success and enrolling for your course

As soon as your school confirms the grant allocation, we will send you two forms: The Staff Mobility Partnership Enrolment (general details) that is filled in by your school for all participants of Teacher Development.

Step 2: Course confirmation and booking your travel

ADC College will confirm that we will run your course as we want to make sure that a variety of nationalities participates in each of them. Once we send you the confirmation, usually 1-2 months before the course starts, you can book your travel tickets. We then ask each participant for individual details.

Step 3: Invoicing and paying

ADC College will prepare an invoice for your school. If you are funding your course privately, we will address the invoice to you. We ask you to pay the project fees at least one month before your course starts.

Step 4: Your course attendance

That is the nice part – you come to enjoy your course in London. You will have provided us with information that is unique to you and that we try to accommodate where appropriate in our course discussions and expert rounds. We will intensively talk about subjects that are of interest to you and develop strategies together to improve professional techniques that equip you with all you need to deliver your job with the little bit of extra innovation and energy.

Step 5: Follow-up

We are very curious to know what you think of our training once you are back at school. What works well for you and what would you do differently? With the shared experience of hundreds of course attendees we continuously develop and transform our courses to keep them up to date to make them even more useful to you. Also, since our courses are a great opportunity to extend your professional network we’d love to keep in touch!